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Pojman Polymer Products, LLC is dedicated to developing and marketing novel polymer products based on combining advances from nonlinear chemical dynamics to polymer science, with special emphasis on "cure-on demand" applications. The systems are one-pot so no nasty mixing is required, and they have long shelf lives. However, when activated with a small amount of heat, the systems harden rapidly allowing you to get on with your project.

We offer several products lines.:

3P QuickCure Clay, 3P QuickCure WoodFiller and 3P QuickCure Putty

3P QuickCure Clay is the only cure-on demand modeling clay available on the market. No kiln or oven is needed to create strong sculptures. It can also be used to repair holes in floors, walls and wood and can be used for DIY projects.

3P QuickCure WoodFiller is the only "cure-on demand" Wood Filler for the home repair professional or DIYer. With its unlimited working time, 3P QuickCure Wood Filler allows you all the time you need to prepare the repair. Once you heat the surface, the reaction spread and hardens the filler in seconds, no matter how deep the hole.

3P QuickCure Putty is the only "cure-on demand" repair material available for the home repair professional or DIYer. With its unlimited working time and no need to mix components, 3P QuickCure Putty allows you all the time you need to prepare the repair.

Click on the links to see demonstrations of the products and to learn how you can start using them.


3PCEO -- John A. Pojman, Ph.D.

For more information, email Dr. Pojman


The 3P Story

Frontal polymerization was invented in the 1970s in Chernogolovka, Russia and then "rediscovered" by Professor John A. Pojman, then at The University of Southern Mississippi, in 1991. Here is a complete bibliography of all work published on the topic. Frontal polymerization is "a localized reaction that propagates through a monomer by the coupling of thermal transport and the Arrhenius kinetics of an exothermic polymerization." In simple terms, you heat a mixture of chemicals that react and give off heat. The heat spreads and causes neighboring regions to start reacting and give off more heat. The process continues as the reaction spreads out through all the material.

Pojman had been researching frontal polymerization since 1991 and begun to work on repair aplications for one pot, cure-on demand medium. In the April 2011, Pojman gave a lecture in the Department of Chemistry at Portland State University and Colleen Williams, suggested his materials could be useful for artists. This started the work that led to 3P QuickCure Clay and 3P ArtMedium. He then worked with Ms. Shelby Prindaville, an MFA student at Louisiana State University, in developing art applications for 3P QuickCure Clay.