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Dr. John A. Pojman, Sr.


Department of Chemistry

211 Choppin Hall

Louisiana State University

Baton Rouge, LA 70803-1804

office: (225) 578-7202 fax: (425) 740-8514

john "at" pojman "dot" com

Curriculum Vitae et Studiorum

LSU Chemistry Experiment Aboard Historic Suborbital Space Flight

John Sr and John Jr. on New Orleans TV, promoting carp fisihg.


For information on Pojman Polymer Products, LLC.

For information on 3P QuickCure Clay.

For information on3P QuickCure WoodFiller

Research Interests

The Worlds Largest Webseum of Pocket Protectors!

For information on Pojman Polymer Products, LLC and the cure-on demand art materials such as 3P QuickCure Clay and 3P ArtMedium.

(featured in Chemical and Engineerings News)
Pojman Lab in the News....

See a slide show of how our home in New Orleans fared in Hurricane Katrina.

Professor Pojman holding a can of Russian honey like that used with the Miscible Fluids in Microgravity (MFMG) experiment.


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 Polymer Research in Microgravity

 Research on Frontal Polymerization

Frontal Polymerization Bibliography

An Encomium to Pocket Protectors: The world's largest webseum of pocket protectors

Pojman lab featured in NASA Connect TV show: Measurement, Ratios, and Graphing: Who Added the “Micro” to Gravity?

You can see the USM portion on line.

Pojman's career is featured in a grade school science textbook.

Former Lab Members: Where are they?
 information on NONLIN listserver  Mammals I have eaten  Department of Chemistry @ LSU
Encyclopedia of Nonlinear Science Archive of Nonlinear Chemical Dynamics Movies Miscible Fluids in Microgravity (MFMG) - a zero-upmass experiment on the International Space Station.
Using an iSight Camera in the Pchem Lab: Diffusion, BZ waves, Liesegang Rings, and the Silicate Garden  A module on Diffusion and Microgravity

 Student Flights on the KC-135

Carp Fishing Bass Fishing Current Team Members
Jim Pojman Fine Photography A list of airports visited  

  Information for new students in the Pojman Lab.